Joining OUnI

Those who pledge to the Order of Universal Interfaith willingly serve all people based on the faith path or spiritual preferences of the recipient. To do so requires a desire to serve and grow personally and professionally, a  willingness to continuously learn about and experience the many spiritual paths of the world, and the self-confidence to transcend their own faith tradition to become inclusive when in the act of  service so that they can support the needs of the recipient. The Order has no members, only “Pledgers” who pledge to a life of sacred service to all.

For more information on pledging to OUnI contact:

The core values asked of every member of the Order are:

Service         Self improvement          Humility

All Pledgers commit to increase their training and certifications to the highest levels possible for the good of all of humanity; the Order will create training programs to help increase the impact of interfaith ministries.

Both clergy and lay Pledgers may affiliate with another religious body including a specific religion, however, many commit to the Universal Interfaith community as their spiritual home and their authority to serve.  The Order is expanding its work with laity through the creation of the Council of Interfaith Communities of the US (CIC-USA), an ecclesiastical association of interfaith, multi-faith and interspiritual congregations, ministry centers and communities.

Many clergy members participate in professional organizations such as the Association of Professional Chaplains, the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy, World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy, the American Academy of Religion, and the International Conference of Police Chaplains.

The Order of Universal Interfaith is an independent non-profit spiritual community incorporated under the laws of the District of Columbia. It has regularly elected leadership and every Pledger  is expected to assume a leadership position or provide volunteer service to the Order at sometime during their life and ministry.