Wisdom Keepers

Flower-pic-for-Wisdom-Keepers-pageOUnI periodically selects individuals who have an extraordinary knowledge of a particular faith tradition, especially those that may be less familiar to some of our pledgers, and grants them the stature of “Wisdom Keeper.”  Many Wisdom Keepers have also been ordained as OUnI clergy. OUnI does not attempt to replace any form of spirituality with its own. Therefore, our Wisdom Keepers help us to acknowledge and honor many of the world’s spiritual paths and those who walk them.

Rev. Anthony Farmer, OUnI, CMH ~ Neo-Shamanism

Rev. Dorothy Cunha, OUnI, CMH ~ South American Spirituality

Rev. Dr. Kurt Johnson, OUnI, CMH ~ Interspirituality

Rev. Lynne Feldman, OUnI, ISN ~ Integral Spirituality

Rev. Dr. Joyce Liechenstein, OUnI, CMH ~ Spiritual Christianity

Rev. Annette Knopp, OUnI ~ Advaita

Rev. Michael Klein, OUnI CMH ~ Sedona Method Spirituality

Rabbi Roger Ross, OUnI CMH ~ Spiritual Judaism

Rabbi Rami Shapiro, OUnI CMH ~ Reformed Judaism

Rev. Amy Edelstein, OUnI ~ Evolutionary Spirituality

Rev. Mala Cunningham, OUnI Ph.D. ~ Integral Yoga(c) Spirituality

Rev. Ken Kitatani, OUnI ~ Sukyo Mahikari

Ed Bastian ~ Interspirituality